Short and Funny Jokes! Top 30 Pranks

Best first: The Keyboard Education
Switch keys in the keyboard of a colleague who types using the “single eagle strike” method. They’ll finally have to learn to touch type.
 Prank Ideas - Practical Jokes

Are you in need of a good and easy prank?
Check out our best practical jokes / April Fool's pranks to annoy your class, friends, office colleagues or neighbors! Those pranks are simply funny!

The Classroom Clock Prank

 When the teacher is away, set the clock in the classroom a few minutes late or early, the people in front row should do the same with their watch when the teacher wants to check. Eventually he’ll set his clock to the “right” time and have a very confused day.
The Hidden Singing Prank

Rip the speaker and battery out of a singing Birthday card. Hide in a car when you know your beloved spouse will drive it soon. You can of course also hide it in your beloved colleague’s desk – preferably one that you don’t share an office with.
The Hot Toothbrush Prank

Soak your friend’s toothbrush overnight in water with loads of chili peppers/cayenne pepper in it for some extreme dental hygiene. He/she will definitely wake up fully.
The Two Beers Prank

 Bet somebody they can’t balance two beers on the backs of their hands, with their hands resting on the table palms down. Put the beers on their hands – and simply walk off. They’ll have no idea how to get rid of the drinks.
The Office Gift Wrap Prank

Foil-wrap/gift-wrap everything in the office.
The iPad Prank

Short on cash and somebody’s birthdays are coming up? Draw an eye on a ladies’ sanitary pad. Voilá, you can give them an iPad now.
The Messy Toilet Prank

This one is very evil and will likely cause some serious soiling of clothes, so give a good think to who you might play this one on and who not. The upside is, it is very simple.

Take the ketchup or mustard packet and fold it so it is nice and pressurized. Tape it to the underside of the toilet seat. Imagine the mess that erupts when the person sits down. Put on running shoes.
The High Art Prank

Give somebody a terrible kitschy crap as a gift and say you’ve made it for them yourself. Next time ask where they put it. It’s up to you when you will let them in on the joke.
The Bus Stop Dracula

This is possibly the most disgusting prank you will read in a while, and you are warned in full seriousness – if you have a weaker stomach, skip to the next joke before it is too late.
Still reading? Very good. You will need a ladies‘ sanitary pad, some marmalade and good friends to enjoy the fun with you.

As you expected, put marmalade (naturally you go for strawberry or raspberry) on the sanitary pad, make it look realistic.

Select a moderately busy bus stop. Once the bus has taken everybody away and the place empties, place the ‘soiled’ pad near the bin so it’s nice and visible.

Once the place fills up with a comfortable number of people, go straight to the pad, take it up (this will already excite horrified attention) and, if you’re feeling brave, sniff it and even dip your finger in the marmalade and enjoy it’s healthful fruity taste and the fainting and the gagging from the crowd of commuters.
The Nonsense Talk Prank

In the office, talk utter nonsense at a colleague, then say, “Did you get all that? I don’t want to have to repeat myself.”
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