Short and Funny Jokes! Top 30 Pranks

Best first: The Keyboard Education
Switch keys in the keyboard of a colleague who types using the “single eagle strike” method. They’ll finally have to learn to touch type.
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Are you in need of a good and easy prank?
Check out our best practical jokes / April Fool's pranks to annoy your class, friends, office colleagues or neighbors! Those pranks are simply funny!

Gift-Wrapping a Bowl

Get a clear plastic wrapper – the sticky kind for food. Lift the toilet seat and cover the toilet bowl with it – you must do it very smoothly so there are no creases to warn the next user. Enjoy the screams and look forward to going to hell one day.
The Shrinking Shoe Prank

Scrunch up a bit of toilet paper up the toe of your victim’s shoe. Not too much, but enough. They’ll be very baffled when suddenly their shoes won’t quite fit.
The Christmas Card Prank

Send your selected relatives (in-laws, for example?) Christmas Card signed by totally fictitious people they don’t know, include convincing personal details in the wish to leave them completely baffled.
The Surprise Candy Prank

Make chocolate-covered coconut balls and chocolate-covered fish balls. Mix them thoroughly and put them on a plate at your office kitchenette. Snicker freely. Don’t let them out too long – food poisoning from a rotting fish would not be entertaining.
The Toilet Paper Slave Prank

Unroll a bit of toilet paper and write on it “Please help, I’m a slave held at a toilet paper factory!” Roll the paper back on as well as you can and leave the message to be found by somebody else.
The Daily Fun Facts Prank

Text somebody daily fun facts on some odd topic, e.g. pigeons. When they try to stop it, reply like an automated texting system.

You: „Did you know that in certain religious groups in India it is believed that when a person dies, their soul comes back as a pigeon?“

Victim: „What is this BS?“

You: „We hope you are enjoying your subscription to the daily fun fact site „Daily Smidgeon of Pigeon“. To unsubscribe, reply with Unsubscribe.”

Victim: “Unsubscribe.”

You: “Oh dear. Do you really want to terminate your subscription to Daily Smidgeon of Pigeon?”

Victim: “Yes.”

You: “Message not recognized.”

Continue for as long as you like.
The Unmovable Cups Prank

Staple loads of paper or plastic cups next to each other (if you’re feeling merciful, stick to batches of 5-8) and arrange them all over somebody’s office table. Fill them with water. Mwahahahaha – really hard to remove!
Pregnancy Test

If you feel bored, go to the supermarket and put a pregnancy test in some couple's shopping cart. Follow them and see what happens.
The Autocorrect Prank

Put up a few interesting Autocorrect options in your victim’s Word. (Mind you, this is really evil and they may not necessarily notice, especially if they prefer the “single eagle striking from the sky” one-finger typing method and look at the keyboard as they write, so make sure they won’t be writing anything terribly important.)
The Handgun Prank

Cut out a silhouette of a handgun out of some thin metal sheet. Insert in colleague’s briefcase. Wish said colleague a safe flight on his business trip.
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