Short and Funny Jokes! Best of Funny Videos

Best first: A cat's funny reaction to owner's attempts to brush her teeth.
here and watch it on Youtube.
 Funny Videos

75 of the Best Youtube Videos


A toilet paper makes Chewbacca sound (STAR WARS).

A bike continues the race without the driver.

Bambi farts.

Funny advertisement: German coast guard tries to speak English.

Very high table tennis strike. Everybody is amazed.

Napoleon Dynamite's epic dance.

A kid shows a hilarious way to slide.

A chameleon is changing colors really fast.

An ape is doing sit ups while a dog is holding his legs.

Two drunk guys trying to build a tent.

This is a Turkish Chuck Norris. Except instead of men, he beats up women.

Probably a blonde that wants to get out of her parking lot.

A man tries to photocopy his bottom and falls into the photocopier.

A goal keeper gets the ball in his face. Again and again. 

Very funny video:
TV commentator farts and laughs about herself.

Teo Jansen Wind Sculptures (WindWalkers)

Funny cat video. Cats that smell feet. Their facial expressions are priceless. ...hahahahh

Guys playing table tennis with a soccer ball and their heads.

Funny beer glass holder. You can even dance with it.

This guys pranks French police officers.

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