Short and Funny Jokes! Best of Funny Videos

Best first: A cat's funny reaction to owner's attempts to brush her teeth.
here and watch it on Youtube.
 Funny Videos

75 of the Best Youtube Videos


A Russian guy gets eaten by a snow mobile. Luckily, he survives.

Techno fans dancing to Benny Hill sound track.

Applicants for a martial arts movie trying to show their nonexistent skills.

A bunny steals a cookie from a kid and hops away.

A talk show host gets a laughing fit while discussing a serious topic.

Aladdin prank. A guy in an Aladdin costume drives a skateboard disguised as a carpet.

This bird can do laser sounds.


A very sweet dog constantly looks like he's trying to see around the corner.

Very, very weird German advertisement for Goosher fruit candy.

A guy dressed himself as a car seat and scared drive-through employees.

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