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Best first: What is small, grey and triangular?
The shadow of a green triangle!
 Bad, silly, dumb jokes

The Best Anti-Jokes!

Jokes that are so bad, dumb and silly,
they are actually really good

What bow is it impossible to tie?

A rainbow.
What is cold and vital for peeing?
The frostate.
Andy has 150 candy bars. He eats 125. What does Andy have now?

Andy has diabetes now.
What is yellow and cannot swim?

An excavator!

And why?

Because it only has one arm.
A man walks into a German butchery and says, “I'd like bull's testicles.”
“So would I, the butcher replies.”
Why did the elephant wear green socks?
Because the red ones were wet.
Why did the elephant swim on his back?
So his green ones wouldn't get wet too.
Why do dolphins swim in salt water?
Because pepper water would make them sneeze.
Why do bees hum?
They don't remember the text!
A detective asks a woman, “So, your husband hanged himself?” Woman replies, “Yes, that is correct.” The suspicious detective continues, “But why does he have all those bruises on his head?”
“The old fool used an elastic rope!”

What does a farmer say when he's looking for his tractor?
“Where is my tractor?”
Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta-way.
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