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You’re not getting old. You’re getting classy.
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Birthday Jokes and Funny Birthday Wishes

What’s the best type of present?
Yet another present!
Father: Happy birthday my boy! And what would you like as a gift?
Son: A dog.
Father: I’m sorry, but you know that’s not possible.
Son: Ok, then I want to be the father for one day and you the son.
Father: Ok, no problem.
Son: Fantastic. Son, get dressed, we’ll go to the animal shelter to look for a nice puppy.
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Mark who?
Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen . . . my birthday is coming!
You’re not getting old. You’re getting classy.
Q: What do you give a Tasmanian devil for his birthday?
A: I don't know, but you'd better hope he likes it!
You don’t get smarter when you become older. There just aren’t so many stupid things left that you haven’t done yet.
It's my wife's birthday on Monday. I asked her last month what she would like to get as a present. 'Oh, I don't know,' she told me, 'anything with diamonds would be lovely.” I bet she’s going to love her brand new set of playing cards!
The problem with getting older is you get dry dreams and wet farts.
Your upcoming birthday reminds me of the words of the old Chinese scholar: Yung No Mo
What do you always get on your birthday?
Another year older!
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