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Best first: A noble gas walks naked into an office. She gets no reaction.
 Chemistry Jokes and Puns

Funny Chemistry Jokes and Puns

So when a king farts, does that make it a noble gas?

Why did the chemist have a problem getting a boyfriend? She had no acetol.

A noble gas walks naked into an office. She gets no reaction.

Are you part of the solution or part of the precipitate?

A word of warning about a lethal substance that is still shockingly widely available – the dihydrogen monoxide. It has caused the death of countless people, it is highly addictive and every single attempt to withdraw from using it results inevitable in very grim death,  it forms a greater part of polluted rivers and oceans and there are no attempts made on part of the government to even regulate it, let alone ban it fully. Please write to your local MP on this subject and demand a solution!

I blame the Avengers. My female colleague spent quite a while yesterday eyeing up the Thorium.

What mental disorder plagues the gas chromatograph? Separation anxiety. It got so bad, he just sits, stares and hums “breaking up is hard to do.”
What is a cation? A very positive kitten.

Is Schrödinger’s cat still alive? Well, to put it shortly, no. The longer answer would be yes.

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