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Best first: Cole’s Law – mostly about cabbage, really.
 Chemistry Jokes and Puns

Funny Chemistry Jokes and Puns

Cole’s Law – mostly about cabbage, really.

I went to the crappest party of my life yesterday. It was deathly dull and should have been called an Ode to Bohrium.

What is the difference between sea lion and a seal? An electron.

A new element was found and added to the periodic table recently. It is called Unobtanium and is naturally found in small, flexible green and white rectangles called bills.

Because of its high reactivity, the slogan “If you can’t join ‘em, barium”  was suggested.

What did water say to sodium? I think you’re overreacting.

What is a chemist’s solution to times of hunger? Titrations.

What’s so great about ammonia? Personally, I find it pretty base.

Photons have a big advantage at airport check-ins. They are travelling light.

Have you got a problem? Call in a chemist. They can always come up with a good solution.

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