Short and Funny Jokes! Father One Liners

Best first: How many pears grow on a tree? They all do.
“But I’m really hungry!”
“And I’m really Dad.”
 Funny Dad jokes

Good Old Dad Jokes

They’ve opened a new shop recently, and it has everything. It’s called Moderation.
What would you call a person who had no body and no nose?

Nobody knows.
How many pears grow on a tree? They all do.
There’s this fascinating book on glue – I just can’t keep my hands off it.
 What swims and starts with a T?
Two ducks.“
“I’ll call you later!”

“Please don’t do that. I’ve always asked you to call me Dad!”
What is a contradiction?

Asking a bookstore shop-assistant to show you where the Self-Help section is.
Do you know how to make somebody curious?

I'll tell you tomorrow!
Vegetarian is an old Indian world. Originally, it means “a bad hunter”.
Two cows meet, one says, “;Mooooo!”
The other one is offended, “Hey, I just wanted so say that!”
Do you know where you can learn to make the best ice cream?

At Sunday school.
What is sticky and brown?

A stick!
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