Short and Funny Jokes! Top 50 Pirate Jokes and Puns

Best first: Q: Where do pirates put their weapons?
A: In their enemies.
 Pirate Jokes Arr...

Very Funny Pirate Jokes and Puns

Q: Who was the first pirate?

A: Noah, the builder of the Arrrrk.

Q: Why don’t pirate marriages last much?

A: Because of all the arrrrguments.

Q: Do you know how to make a PIRATE very angry?

A: You take away the P.

Q: What does the pirate say when he steps on a Lego?

A: Arrrrrgh!!!

Q: Why did the pirate cross the road?

A: To reach the second hand shop.

As a kid, I had to walk the plank.

We were so poor we couldn’t afford a dog.

Q: Why are pirates bad at cards?

A: It’s kind of hard to play when you’re sitting on the deck.
Rob the Pirate was drinking rum all night.

He thought he’d feel better in the morning if he drank some hot water – but it only made him groggy.

How do pirates know that they are pirates?
They think so, therefore they arrr.

Q: What’s the difference between a pirate and a strawberry farmer?

A: The pirate buries his treasure, the farmer treasures his berries.

Bonus Pirate Joke

Q: Why do pirates make great lawyers?

A: Because they’re very skilled at arrrrrguing.
Q: Why is it so hard for pirates to learn to read?

A: Because they spend months and months at C.
Q: What happened when Bluebeard the Pirate fell overboard in the Red Sea?

A: He got marooned.

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