Short and Funny Jokes! Yo Mama Jokes

Best first: Your mama is so old they didn’t even study history when she went to school.
Your mom is so fat she has to iron her trousers on the street.
 Yo Mama so poor, she runs after the garbage truck with a shopping list.
Your mom poops standing.
Yo momma is so fat when she walks past a television, you miss all three parts of the Lord of the Rings.
When your mother farts in the cinema, she gets a private viewing.
Your mam is so fat that when the world goes down, people can still live on her.
You mum is so fat, she sits next to everybody in the cinema!

Your mama is so dirty a sewage facility wouldn’t hire her because of sanitation concerns! 
Your mother works as a seaman!
Your mother collects ugly children.
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