Short and Funny Jokes! Funny Christmas Jokes

Best first: What do snowmen do in their spare time? They’re just chilling.
 Funny Christmas jokes

Funny Christmas Jokes

Why does Santa use reindeer to pull his sleigh?

Because huskies can’t fly.
CNN reported news of an unidentified flying object on Christmas Eve.
It was a U-F-ho-ho-ho.
Santa once lost his undies. That is when the tradition of calling him Saint Knickerless started.
 Why are there no chimney sweeps in Scotland?

Why pay for something that Santa does regularly for free?
How many gifts can Santa squeeze in an empty stocking? One. It’s not empty after the first one.
Billy asks his friend Joe, “Why would you want two sets of trains for Christmas?!”
“Because I still want to get to play when my dad is home!”
What would it do to world order if you dropped your turkey on the way to the table?
It could mean the fall of Turkey, the breaking of China and a massively expanding Greece.
What does a bald guy say when you give him a comb for Christmas?

Oh thanks… I shall never part with it.
 “Dad, and where is Santa from?”

“Well, judging by the majority of the gifts, I’d say he is from China.”
y don’t work, give me a ring.
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