Short and Funny Jokes! Yo Mama Jokes

Best first: Yo mam is so fat, she's even bullied by fat people.
 Yo Mama Jokes

The best “Yo Momma” jokes

A small note to start with: It is NOT OK to use yo mama jokes, hilarious as they are, to make actual people feel crap. In that game, nobody really wins and even when people laugh with you at the time, it has never won anybody any friends.

If it's friends and popularity you're after, better try treating others as you yourself would like to be treated and don't do things to them you wouldn't want to have done to you.
Everything you give out will have an influence on you, so better give out something positive. And while you're at it, enjoy these truly mean and ridiculously funny jokes, for academic purposes!

I met your mom yesterday, she seemed like a very nice guy.
Your mama is so old they didn’t even study history when she went to school.
Yo mama is so fat last time she went for a swim in the ocean, some Japanese boat tried to harpoon her.
Yo mama is so fat she sank a rowing machine last week.
Your mom is so ugly, the FBI is using her as a flash grenade.
Yo mama has legs like a gazelle. Maybe not as thin but definitely that hairy.

Yo momma is so fat, I made a picture of her last Easter and it’s still printing.
When your mom sits on an iPhone it becomes an iPad.
A skunk once smelled your mom and fainted.
 When your mother looks out of the window, Satan starts vomiting.
Yo mama grocery shops at McDonalds.
Until your mom was born, whales had no natural enemies.
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