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Best first: Black humor is like a pair of healthy kidneys. Not everyone has it.
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Two cannibals are enjoying dinner. One compliments the other, “I say, Bill, your wife really makes a great meal.”
Black humor is like a pair of healthy kidneys.
Not everyone has it.
They say you cannot outrun a bear. True, but don’t panic, usually it is enough to outrun the chubbiest member of your hiking group.
A doctor tells a patient, “Sir, you are highly contagious and must be placed in isolation. Until we get in contact with the CDC, your diet will consist of pizza and fried eggs.”
“Will that help me get better again?” asks the patient.
“Not really. But it's the only thing we can shove in under the door.”
How did the dentist suddenly become a brain surgeon?
A slip of the hand.
I was at a restaurant and noticed my waitress had a black and blue eye. So I made my order veeeery slowly. She's obviously not very good at listening.
A doctor walks in a cemetery one afternoon when a hand shoots through the earth and grabs his ankle. A hollow voice speaks from underneath the ground,“You're a doctor, right? Do you have anything against worms?”
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